August 2011 - December 2014

Goodbye from Gameshrine!

After 3 years of Gameshrine and Tribes: Ascend, we've decided that it's time for Gameshrine to come to an end, for now.

It's been fun, we said that we'd keep on going whilst people were still interested in competitive Tribes: Ascend, however we now feel that it's a good time to stop. We've had some great seasons of EUTL, as well as many other competitions we've hosted over the years.

Thanks to...

The people who made this site - Nr|Five for bringing us together, Spawny for his design, Irn-Bru and Lumberjack for many hours spent coding and making this site.

Admins from this year - jpWAI, m473us, tumi. Some of the staff from the past - Aile, docmatrix, Genestealer, Grimble, Mimelim, NG, qvist, stepotronic, Twin, XSlicer. Also thanks to the AU/NZ and NA admins.

The casters - thanks for bringing many exciting EUTL matches to the viewers.

Hi-Rez, especially Apcizzle for your support in getting EUTL started.

The teams, the players - thank you for taking part, without your support none of this would've been possible.